The Fun (Non-Writing) Stuff

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy with a few non-writing things that are writing related.

One of those which completely took easily three days was the re-design of the Writing Wenches website. We needed a new image that belonged to us, and we needed to make the website more streamlined. As the months pass, we hope to introduce more stuff to introduce the wonderful talent behind the Wenches.

Screenshot 2016-02-24 20.55.08

This is in addition to the tweaking of my new banner, which believe it or not, took some time. I wanted to go with some updated, fresh banner. But the first 100 banner designs I made ranged from tacky to yucky. So I’m glad to have my new banner up.

GR banner note font

Finally, I’m so excited about these two projects I worked on: COVERS!!!!

One is a cover for the awesome Sheri Williams, whose releasing four short stories in one book.

365 Romance

A.E. Snow is releasing a compilation of her blog into one nefty book.

Anny Mommy 3A

By the way, I also designed A.E.’s banner. She’s also doing some website re-design (and Sheri too) so watch out for her new website. It should be very cool.


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