Sneak Peek: Crisis of Love

I am so excited to feature on my blog today a very talented author, Sheri Williams. Sheri is a multi-talented writer and has just come out with her first solo venture. She has also recently published a short story with other authors, Unwrapping Love. So as you can see she’s been very busy and I’m so glad she took the time to share with us her latest work. So enough of me talking, and more on Crisis of Love.

Crisis of Love

Nina finds a card and her life spirals. Is her husband cheating on her? Who exactly is Candy? Follow Nina on her path to find the truth, while meeting new people along the way. It had been a long time since she had choices and now there were three. Who or what should she choose?


 Nina hadn’t planned to go through this with Candy, but the anger was still there, simmering under the newer things she was feeling. She shook her head as if to clear him out. “My husband is not important. I think you might be, though. Can I ask about you?”

     Candy sat up straighter. “Ask away. I do reserve the right to lie, though.”

     “That’s fair. I bet you get asked all the time, but why? Why stripping?”

     She took a sip of her drink. “The money is good. I have a great body. Why not take advantage while I can?”

     “Have you ever slept with a client?”

     Candy almost spit out her drink. “Well, you are direct, aren’t you? The answer is yes. I have.”

     Nina thought hard about what she wanted to ask next. Her whole body was shaking, but the tingling in her shorts would not go away. “Ever sleep with a woman?”


Sheri Williams is a wife, mom and a writer. Her love of writing was born at a young age, and the move to all romance, all the time, has a direct link to piles of old Harlequin books her mom tried unsuccessfully to hide.  It took a while and a bit of luck, but now that she has got her hand in the publishing world, she’d planning on world domination. With multiple books coming out before the end of this year, and a handful planned out for next year, her evil scheme seems to be in motion already.

If you couldn’t already tell, as well as being a writer, Sheri is a giant nerd. We are talking high levels of fangirling, which she is quite proud of. Sheri lives in the south with her family and a rotating menagerie of pets. You can find Sheri on multiple social forums, and her first published work, Crisis of Love on Silkwords. Sheri is also on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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