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I write contemporary romance with happy endings. My heroes are an amalgamation of the characters from books my mother forced encouraged me to read when I was younger.  From the proud Mr. Darcy, to the passionate Heathcliff, to the conflicted Mr. Rochester, and to the moral Mr. Thornton, with the looks (and abs) of Hugh Jackman (of course!) the heroes I write reflect the flaws and strengths of the kind of men we love to love. With heroes like that, they deserve strong, smart heroines found in the spirit of Elizabeth, Catherine, Jane, and Margaret who all brought their heroes to heel.

I write romance because it brings so much joy and happiness to me as a reader and a writer which I hope to share with you. Although some call it fantasy, at the core of every good romance book are real, heart-felt issues we all face. The fantasy comes from the neat little package of happy endings because life could be so messy, couldn’t it? That’s the fun part of writing–I get to create the happily ever afters. Frankly, I don’t think I would know how to write a sad ending. (Writing) life is too short for that.

So please poke around and join me in this fun, sometimes frustrating but always worthwhile journey of creating characters who find love and their happily ever after.

Books Welcome